WWOOFing: What You Need to Know

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WWOOFing, or “Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms” is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of traveling. The most basic idea is to stay on a farm in exchange for hard labour. Anybody that has a bit of land and chooses to use it in a sustainable manner with organic practices

4 Ways to Keep Children Occupied While Traveling

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It does not matter what your method of travel is, kids need to be kept entertained. While children are wonderful, sweet and innocent beings, bored children tend to result in chaos and headaches all around. Books Having books that are interactive for younger ones or just fun to read

6 Travel Destination for Hippie Nature Lovers

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Urnatur, Sweden Powered by wood and solar panels, Urnatur is a woodland oasis. Get back to the natural way of things with potluck dinners where everybody helps to cook the meal, using ingredients from the land. Keep clean with a solar powered shower or relax in the wood-fired sauna.

Tourism At Home

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You don’t always have to travel to experience the benefits of tourism. The sad fact is most people have never experienced their own town from a tourist’s perspective. Considering that tourism often makes up for a significant amount of your town’s local business and job opportunities, it is a